Vatech is an international distribution specialized company regarding on Medi-cal device and ranked No.5 in digital dental X-ray field. And it expands itsmarket share by pioneering spirit based on the slogan “Dental Pioneer” and segmenting market consistently through insight.

It broaden its horizon based on global networks and has 12 overseas subsidiaries like USA, France, Spain, UK, Inida, China, Taiwan and so on. Especially in Taiwan, China and Spain, Vatech Global ranked No.1 ~ No.2 market share. With the various lineup from entry-level 2D Product to premium 3D CT product, Vatech Global is targeting not only existing advanced market but also emerging market for customer satisfaction. Moreover, Vatech Global organized CS team in order to provide rapid service and installation/technical education service.

We provide innovative products and differentiating services for mutually beneficial growth together with all of our strategic partners. In doing so, we do our part in improving health and lives of the people.


Since 2009, VATECH has started to focus on Design Management and
demonstrated the superiority of it. VATECH, as the big winner
among dental imaging makers in Korea, has been winning 6 design awards
of 4 dental imaging products, PaX-Primo, PaX-Reve3D, PaX-Uni3D, PaX-i.
VATECH makes a ceaseless effort to set the trend of the world imaging market,
seeking the design focused on customer value.

Design management banner

Safety & User-Oriented

We pursue 'Customer Safety' using eco-friendly material for stable operation of imaging machine. We design our products with 'User-Oriented' perspective to make them easy and intuitive to use.

Design Story

VATECH provides customer value focused on design and solution with human-respectable and creative digital technology.

Innovation & Modern

VATECH products which have more 'innovative' functions have brought refreshing change to the quite conservative dental imaging market. Simple and modern design brings customers not only space efficiency but visible enjoyment.

our working processin 3 steps

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Know You Need

Our Experts can share the insight that why we are the most preferred brand.

Design & Develop

The Best R&D Facility catering the global markets, ensures commitment to quality.

Ensure Quality Support

VATECH India - we ensure complete peace of mind for our customers.

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