Made For Smart Dentists

The clinician and the diagnostician are in mind during VATECH’ multifaceted approach to designing dental imaging solutions. Image quality, ergonomics, ease of use, efficiency, practicality and case presentation are all considerations when it comes to building the best digital X-ray sensor and dental imaging software.


Best Image Quality

VATECH Excels in Visible Resolution & Contrast

The science behind the VATECH Sensor and software, delivers the best image quality versus the other sensor. With the VATECH system you get unparalleled radiographs that are extremely clear, sharp and highly detailed – most importantly, at lower exposure settings.

Most Consistent Images

Outperforms Over a Broader Range of Exposures

VATECH Sensors are more consistent and clinically useable at a wider range of exposure settings than those of the other sensor – even when radiograph conditions are not ideal. Practitioners benefit from a reduction in the number of time consuming, exposure-related retakes. Patients benefit from the reduction in radiation.

Image Comparison

Make VATECH your preferred choice to Go Digital

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