The advanced imaging solution for accurate dental diagnosis

The Vatech A9 provides the most precise & high-quality panoramic images by combining image processing & accumulated experience in dental imaging from vatech. this will increase your diagnostic accuracy for improved treatment planning & patient satisfaction.

Integral FOV for 3D Image

8X8 images enable fundamental diagnosis and treatment planning, including both the maxillary & mandibular areas, in a single scan. It is useful for complex implant surgeries.

Inhouse Manufacturing (Hardware + Software)

R & D

The world’s first 3-in-1 system source technologies for low dose image

Dental Imaging Technology

High Resolution imaging process algorithm, 2D/3D diagnostic Sw technologies

Detector Design & Production Technology

Core technologies for scintillator deposition and TFT/CMOS detectors manufacturing

Integrated Manufacturing Process

High-Quality integrated manufacturing system optimized for precision medical devices

Minimize Motion artifacts with rapid CEPH Technology

The next step in cephalometric technology vatech’s new Rapid CEPH minimizes motion artifacts & enables faster diagnostic workflow while providing the highest quality digital images.

Product Configuration

Vatech A9YesYes
Vatech A9 RCYesYesYes

Specifications (vatech A9 :- PHT – 30 CSS)

Focal Spot0.5 mm (IEC 60336)
CT FOV Size8X8 cm (Anatomical 9.3 X8 cm)
Voxel Size0.2 mm/0.3 mm
Exposure time CT
15.5 sec
11.4 sec / 13.5 sec
1.9 sec / 3.9 sec
Grey Scale14 bit
Tube Voltage60~99 kv
Current4~10 mA
WeightWithout ceph

With Ceph unit
108.3 kg / 238.76 lbs (Without base)
160.5 kg / 353.84 lbs (With Base)
134.3kg / 296.08 lbs (Without Base)
186.5 kg / 411.16 lbs (With Base)

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