Films are more expensive

The cost for a film-based practice is extremely high and much more sometimes when there are some complicated cases.

You just can imagine the overall expenses when it comes to the costs for film and all the related stuff that goes with it.

Following are the consumable expenses that will incur again and again, as long as you are in practice:

  • The cost of film.
  • The cost of time.
  • The cost of labour.
  • The cost of mounts.
  • The cost of chemicals.
  • The cost of chemical disposal.

All things considered, it makes financial sense to Go Digital!.

You start getting return on your investment as soon as you begin practising with digital imaging and this new technology is quickly recouped by not paying for all those expenses on film consumables. Very likely, your cost per month will be much less than what you’re paying for film supplies.

Moreover, when you add staff wages into the equation as these are among the biggest expenses for most dental practices. Digital efficiency lets your workflow tasks for more productive, perhaps business-growing, things as compared to using films.


It has been further envisioned that efficacy in terms of exactness and faster diagnosis has enhanced the patient care index via Digital Dentistry by VATECH. Next in the line of benefits of course is the cost factor.

There is a reasonable difference and saving in case of opting for the modern digital techniques compared to the traditional films.

We can help you Calculate - How VATECH Imaging is better than Film.

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