The in-house developed Software by VATECH


As a unified consultation tool, EzDent-i will greatly help your consultation combining and integrating all resources into a one simple software.

If a powerful consultation tool such as EzDent-i is combined with your explanation, it will lead to increased patient acceptance rate and satisfaction.

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2 in 1 Communication: Diagnosis + Consultation

Previously, you might have many visual aids to use for effective consultation, but the problems is it is required to active each different programs.

Now, you can do 2 in 1 communication with EzDent-i; possible to diagnose and consult at the same time on the same screen.

Powerful Simulation

Just two steps are needed for implant simulation, measuring and selecting tooth number.
Also, a virtual fixture and crown will makethe simulation more effective.

Canal Draw Simulation

In the past, location of the nerve canals was difficult to highlight.
Now, as the function has been improved, you can map the nerve canal simply but realistically.

My Consult Box

Now you can manage all resources in “Consult Box” once dispersed here and there.Create your own folder and save any material including photo, video or document etc.
Then, call them anytime for much upgraded consulting.

Case Management

With various reporting functions and modes to choose from, you can easily create your own cases as PDF format and send them to others are also very simple and easy.
Plus, you can save generated reports under EzDent-i to open at a later time.

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