The in-house developed Software by VATECH


By providing the feedback on the issue (not useful image and/or optimal image) caused by user’s mis-operation, this would support users to acquire the optimized images and utilize them in diagnosis more efficiently.

Feedback on the 8 cases in Panoramic Image and 4 cases in Cephalometric Image

Types of User’s mis-operation Pano Ceph
In case of capturing the image with improper positioning Head is tilted too high
Head is tilted too low
Head is turned to the side
Head is tilted to the side
Head is too far forward
Head is too far backward
In case of selecting the improper capturing condition In case of selecting the improper Exposure condition (Hard/Normal/Soft)
In case of capturing image with improper wear of lead apron and the accessories(earing, necklace, etc) on. Wearing Lead Apron in a wrong way
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