Dr Sushant Umre

Dr. Gaurav Sahni

Dr Malik Mohd. Naiyer

Dr Priyanka Jauhari

Dr Nitendra Singh

Dr. (Capt) Sanjay Chandna

Dr Devesh Jain

Dr Khurana

Dr Rohit Malik

Dr. Sameep Singh

Dr Nitin Wadhwa

Dr Abhishek Goel

Dr Apoorv Sharma

Dr. Vikas Tokas

Dr Malvika Jain

Dr. Ridhi Sehgal

Dr Ajay Sharma

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Dr Saurabh Sinha

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Dr Jaspreet Singh Chotalla

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Hello, I am Dr. Panchajananya Panda Vatech has always been Good to me. They have the Best quality radiograph and Portable X-Ray EzRay Air which is very ergonomic and easy to handle. The software of EzSensor Classic is very user-friendly. Service part is really awesome I want to specially thank Mr. Badrinarayan Das for responding and executing my problem.

Dr. Panchajanya Panda

Hello, I am Dr. Sayak Majumder, practicing in Bangalore I am Using Vatech Portable Xray EzRay Air and RVG, EzSensor Classic From last 2 years. These 2 Products are Awesome. And their easy to use software provides ease of work I am very much impressed by the Quality of EzSensor Classic Image, which provides High Definition Images. I recommend Vatech because it is easy to use and makes your practice smooth and conveneient.

Dr. Sayak Majumder

Dr. Anik Biswas

Hello I am Dr. Anik Biswas, practicing in West Bengal I am using Vatech since 5 years and till date I haven’t faced any issues. Their service is very good and unmatchable products. For me Vatech is the Best. Thank You
Hello, I am Dr. Siba Prasad Jena, MDS I have been using Vatech EzSensor Classic from last 3 years. No one has that clarity of X-ray as compare to Vatech. Trusting them I order for Vatech EzRay Air Portable X-ray unit which completes my X-ray Unit Section in my dental clinic. I really recommend Vatech Products.

Dr. Siba Prasad Jena

Dr. Roop Kumar Nirmal

Hello, I am Dr. Roop Kumar Nirmal, (BDS & MDS) Indore I want to say, thank you, Vatech India for providing me such a fabulous Intra Oral Sensor EzSensor classic. I'm using it since last 2 years. I would Like to thank Mr. Abhinav Gupta owner of Shail Dental Depo. Indore M.P. for helping me out choosing this.
Hello, I am Dr. Padmaja Pithani from Kerala I am using Vatech EzSensor Classic and Vatech EzRay Air Portable X-ray unit for the past one year. Portable unit is very convenient to use single- handed. The quality of the radiograph is excellent especially the contrast. In one word Vatech is “Convenient”.

Dr. Padmaja Pithani

Dr. Parikshit Agarwal

Hello, I am Dr. Parikshit Agarwal, BDS & MDS I bought Vatech EzSensor Classic one year back and the service provided to me was topnotch. I have not experienced any problem with the product so far. Quality of the X-ray is very good and the software is easy to follow. I would definitely recommend this product to the fellow dental professionals.
Hello, I am Dr. Amit Pandey, MDS (Perio). I am practicing since 2003 My colleague told me about Vatech India and its products and since 2010 I am using Vatech’s Products. I must say Vatech offers very comfortable and durable products. I Strongly recommend the products and services of the company. Fully Reliable.

Dr. Amit Pandey

Dr. Rahul Valvake

Hello, I am Dr. Rahul Valvake I am a Dental Surgeon and currently practicing in Maharashtra. I am using Vatech EzSensor Classic from more than 9 months now. I must say it has a great Sensor and because of its easy to use software my practice has become really smooth. I purchased it from authorized dealer Technodent Dental Solution I recommended buying from him. Go for Vatech EzSensor Classic
Hello Friends, I am Dr. Navdeep Dixit (General Dentist) from West Bengal. I have been practicing from last 3 years From the early days of practice I am using Vatech EzSensor Classic and I can only say it’s been an incredible journey with Vatech. It is very much user-friendly and also the support team of Vatech India is very nice and friendly. Thank you Vatech

Dr. Navdeep Dixit

Dr. Arjun Sonawane

Hello, I am Dr. Arjun Sonawane from Odisha. I'm using Vatech RVG from last one year and have faced zero issues radiography. Vatech software is easy to understand also treatment plan video feature is very helpful in order to clear the doubts of patient about their treatment. Vatech is Highly Recommendable
Hello, I am Dr. Priyanka Burdak (BDS, MDS) I am practicing from last 3 years and I have known Vatech Since then. I was planning to go for Carestream initially but when I saw the features of Vatech RVG, I searched for credibility, when I Saw the feedback of other Doctors, and some of my friends, I was convinced to go for it. And I must say it was totally a right decision, I am very much satisfied by it and had no problems at all. Thank You Vatech India.

Dr. Priyanka Burdak

Dr. Divya Malik

Hello, I am Dr. Divya Malik Currently I am using Vatech EzSensor Classic and EzRay Air. I must say both products are super friendly. Yes, I had some issues with the battery of Portable X-Ray but it was fixed by the Dealer, and since then I am having no problem at all. Vatech in One Word is “User Friendly”.
Hello, I am Dr. Soumik Saha (BDS) I have been using Vatech for two years in my practice I am very happy with the products of Vatech, their products are very user friendly and they provide the best services. I would definitely recommend Vatech to other Dentist. For me Vatech means High Quality Products with user friendly interface.

Dr. Saumik Saha

Dr. Aneesh Manikkoth

Dr. Aneesh Manikkoth
Hello, I am Dr. Aneesh Manikkoth Maxillofacial surgeon I have been using Vatech Products for last three years I have been using films all my life, but Vatech EzSensor Classic has changed my perspective. It makes my practice easier and efficient by saving my time. Vatech EzSensor Classic in One Word “A Life Changing” product.
Hello, I am Dr. Akhil Chandan I have been using Vatech EzRay Air since 2018. It is a wonderful Product, initially I had some battery issues but the company replaced it as soon as I contacted. Very much Satisfied with the Results Keep it Up Vatech in one word is a Time Saver for me.

Dr. Akhil Chandan

Dr. Deepa Rajendran

Hello, I am Dr. Deepa Rajendran (BDS) I have been Using Vatech EzSensor Classic for past two and a half year. I would definitely recommend Vatech because of user friendly innovative products and they provide good service too.. Vatech in one Word is Value for Money.
Hello, I am Dr. Arnab Sarkar I have been using Vatech EzSensor Classic for year. I must say it is a wonderful product, easy to use and very convenient. Definitely I would recommend Vatech EzSensor Classic to all the other Dentist so that their practice can be Hassle free. For me Vatech is “Best in Class” from all aspects.

Dr. Arnab Sarkar

Dr. Arka Das

Dr. Arka Das
Hello, I am Dr. Arka Das, Oral and maxillofacial surgeon I have been using Vatech Products from last 1 year. My experience with Vatech India has been very great because of the good Customer Support and easy to use software. I would definitely recommend Vatech without any doubt. Excellent Work, Keep it up. For me Vatech is the brand which makes life much easier.
Hello, I am Dr. Arka Swarnakar Vatech has provided me with two of their elite products EzSensor Classic and their light weight X-Ray unit which is EzRay Air . Both innovative products have made my practice easier and help me deliver the best treatment to my patients. Thank you Vatech India.

Dr. Arka Swarnakar

Dr. Afinitha M Ali

Hello all, I am Dr. Afinitha M Ali I bought EzSensor Classic one month back , unfortunately it fell down along with my laptop and got broken! I was horrified and desperate after this and contacted Delhi head office directly regarding my issue . They were really supportive and luckily there was only a minor issue which was corrected. Thanks to Vatech India for all support and help.
Hello, I am Dr. Manish Sejwal Delhi I’ve been using Vatech EzSensor Classic for quite some time now and have unmatchable experience. The brand offers great range of products with very prompt and service support. I will recommend Vatech to all!!

Dr. Manish Sejwal

Dr. Vinnie Mehta

Dr. Vinnie Mehta
Hello, I am Dr. Vinnie Mehta Since the time I have started using Vatech my life has become much easier Vatech has the best sensor EzSensor Classic and offers best in-class after sales service. It’s worth every rupee spent on it. I would especially like to thank to Mr. Satyaprakash who attended my service request instantly and solved the problem without any fuss! For me Vatech in One Word is “Instant Relief”
Hello, I am Dr. Prachi Jangid (BDS & MDS) Conservative Dentist & Endodontist. I have been using Vatech quite some time now believe in me the experience is unmatchable. They have after sales service is best in class. The brand never lets you down

Dr. Prachi

Dr. Mahantesh

Hello, I am Dr. Mahantesh B Ramannawar (Prof & HOD – Dept. of Anatomy, KLE university) I have been using Vatech Products since 1 year. My Endodontist and Orthodontics fellow colleagues referred me Vatech. I am extremely elated using Vatech as their products are very friendly. They have top notch after sales service team, and their distributors especially Saravamangala Sangali is very friendly. Without any doubt I recommend Vatech to others, for it is the best in class. For me Vatech in one word is “Excellent”
Hello, I am Dr. Anjali Naraniya Udaipur Vatech has an array of digital dental products. I’ve been using Vatech EzSensor Classic for One and a half years. I would vouch for Vatech because of its innovative products and easy to use software. Vatech is “Timesaver” in busy practice...

Dr. Anjali

Dr. Nikita

Hello, I am Dr. Nikita Service Is On Time!! They Never Delay To Solve Your Issue. Maintain The Same. They not only solve your RVG issue on time but they also provided me with a Stand by (Demo Xray) until mine gets sorted. This is rare. I would recommend opting for Vatech without any second thought.
Hello, I am Dr. Prachi I have been using Vatech EzSensor Classic for 2 years. Now it’s easier for me to manage more number of patient. The response from Vatech team is very well. I am very satisfied with the product as well as the service Vatech provides. Vatech is my First Choice.

Dr. Prachi

Dr. Aruna Jain

Hello, I am Dr. Aruna Jain Udaipur I have been practicing with Vatech EzSensor Classic and completely satisfied with its performance. It saves my time and effort. Vatech provides immediate service which is commendable. I highly recommend Vatech.
I am using Vatech Rvg for the past one month. The quality is really good and it is very user friendly.
Dental Sensors - vatech India

Dr. R Murali Karthik

B.D.S., M.D.S., Tooth and Smile Clinic
opg dental x ray units - Vatech India

Dr. R Viruthagiri

B.D.S., Dental Surgeon, Magik Smiles Dental Clinic
I am really impressed with its image quality. The software is very user friendly. I am highly satisfied with Vatech and would recommend it to my fellow colleagues.
I am using Vatech Rvg since last 6 months and I am really satisfied with the product.
Dr. Khushboo Kumari

Dr. Khushboo Karnani

S.V.S. Marwari Hospital

Dr. G Bharath Rajiv Kumar

M.D.S., Peirodontist, Nallam Multispecialty Dental Clinic
Vatech provides good quality images and is very user friendly. I would recommend Vatech to my fellow colleagues.
I have been using Vatech- Rvg since last 3 and a half years. I am fully satisfied with its quality and result.

Dr. Gaurav Fafria

B.D.S., M.D.S., Fafria Nursing Home and Dental Clinic

Dr. Ruchi Shah

(B.D.S.) Oral & Dental Surgeon, Shreeji Multispecialty Dental Clinic
I have been using Vatech since last 1 year and have a really good experience using it. Vatech provides quality image and error free results.
Vatech Rvg provides good quality image. The customer service team is very dedicated and professional in resolving issues.

Dr. Smt. Simpy Jolly

B.D.S, Jollys Dental Care

Dr. Madhvika Patidar

B.D.S., M.D.S., Dental and Eurology Centre
Vatech is one of the best things, I am liking because of its various features. It’s like the most essential element in my clinical practice.
I am using Vatech for past 2 years and I am really happy with its service. It provides good quality images (radiographs).


B.D.S., Dental Surgeon, Annai Dental Care, Chennai


M.D.S., Dental Surgeon Prosthodontist, Jalal Dental Hospital, Chennai
The quality of the image is really good and can be easily explained to the patient. The video demonstration is quite helpful and the software is very user-friendly.
I am using the Vatech Rvg system for 1 year. The image quality is good, and easy to explain to the patients. I am very much satisfied with its service.


B.D.S., Sundaram Dental Clinic, Chennai
rvg dental india


B.D.S., M.D.S., Monga Dental
I like the results of image & some video playbacks which have really helped me in consultation. The image quality is great and they provide superb service.


The Dentist House, Chennai
The image quality is really good. The system is user friendly. The sensor design covers the desired region well. Overall, the product is very good and cost effective.
"Vatech as a brand is value for money, with excellent services. I have been using this software for two and half years without any problem."


Oral and Dental Surgeon, Arogya Niketan Pvt Ltd.


Dental Surgeon, B.D.S., Super Dental Care
"I am using Rvg since 8 months, and I have faced no problems till date. Vatech India provides quality service."
I have been using Vatech EZ Sensor Classic, its excellent. I am highly satisfied with the product and would definitely recommend Vatech as a brand


B.D.S., MDS, Relief


B.D.S., Dental Surgeon, Advanced Dental Clinic
Vatech provides good quality images (radiographs) with all digital moves. Among all brands available in the market, I feel this as the most satisfactory."
"We have been using Vatech Rvg for past three years. The service provided to us have been so far very good. We are very satisfied and happy.


B.D.S., Implantologist Dental Surgeon


"VATECH INDIA - an outstanding team of professionals offering best quality products & service support. I am highly satisfied!"
"The overall experience VATECH Products is excellent. The quality & service has always met my expectations."




"It was an awesome experience working VATECH India Team - I highly recommended all fellow dentists to buy VATECH Products"
"I liked the performance & clarity of my IOS Support offered by Team in Vatech India is really outstanding."


BDS, MDS - Orthodontics, M Orth RCS Edinburgh(UK)


I am using Vatech Device for the past 6 months. I am satisfied with its services. I hope to get the similar service in future as well.
I am happy with Vatech Intraoral sensor. It provides good image quality which is useful in demonstrating the procedure to my patients.

Dr. Deepti Dhodhi

B.D.S., M.B.A., LA Dentaalya

Dr. Anupriya Jaitly

BDS, MDS (Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedis)
I have Been Using Vatech IOS from the last year. I am very happy with the software as it is user friendly gives you lots of options. Vatech Services are just a call away. Thank you Vatech.
I am Dr. Raju, Using Vatech IOS Since 2014. I am really happy with the Image quality and Software User Interface.

Dr. Raju

MDS (Prosthodontist & Implantologist)

Dr. Santosh

BDS, MDS(Orthodontist)
Vatech IOS gives you the Best Image Quality in maxillary area, as compare to others.
I am very much Satisfied with Vatech Ez Sensor Classic, The Image quality is very impressive and the official staff is available whenever you need them. I wish you, Good Luck!

Dr. Prashant Kumar

BDS, MDS (Orthodontic Specialist)
The Vatech IOS was excellent to use. It is very comfortable for patient as well as Doctors, If we are concerning about Image Quality and software is Doctor friendly. All the Best, Have a great Year ahead.

Dr. Rajat Singla

BDS, MIDA (Implantologist, Korea)

Dr. Deepti Dhodi

I have been using Vatech IOS from last 2 Years, and I am Happy with the Product, Its Image Quality and Consulting videos for the patient to demonstrate the Procedures is very useful in the practice. Me and my team of Doctors would recommend it to others Doctors.

Dr. Manika Arora

Hello, I am Dr. Manika Arora (B.D.S) Dehradun. I am very much satisfied with the service of Vatech My X-Ray battery had an issue, & it was out of warranty still, the service team replaced it without any charges. Very quick & prompt service was provided by the service team. Vatech is a highly recommended brand.
Hello, I am Dr. Rajrashi Biswas (B.D.S.) I have been Practicing since 2 Years and from last 3 months I’m using Vatech. After using it I can say that Vatech is Best in quality and best in after sales and services too. It is quick, responsive and easy to use. With updated software it gives accurate results. Sensor’s thin and sleek design makes it easy to use. I came to know Vatech from my seniors, online reviews and Kolkata Expo. I not only love Vatech for its products but more for its after sales services. I would definitely recommend Vatech to other dentists.

Dr. Rajrashi Biswas

Hello, I am Dr. Surekha BDS from Karnataka I have been Practicing from the year of 2000 and using Vatech for last 1 Year. My fellow Doctors referred me Vatech I have never felt any issues handling their products. I have excellent experience using Vatech They after sales service is just too good. I am very happy with Especially Nikhil who is very active and attends all the complaints very fast and gives solution on cell phones and by team viewer through Internet. Moreover their software is excellent and user friendly. Me and my husband are satisfied with Vatech India’s Quality and Services. For me Vatech in One Word is “Commendable”

Dr. Surekha

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